We are the Fast Good Restaurant

We offer a variety of greens and plant-based meals. We specialize in superfoods and vegan options.
Our dishes are made with fresh fruit and are free of sugar and gluten.
Health and taste are combined at the Fast Good Restaurant.

Great for home delivery

                   Receive our food at home & office

*Restaurant services are currently available only in Klaipeda & Kaunas. Vilnius will be added next year.

Indulge in them at our outlets or present them as gifts.
Savor them at our retail locations or offer them as gifts.

Select from our entire restaurant collection now and benefit from savings.

Take advantage of exclusive discounts ranging from 10% to 25%.

Product List

Golden Latte
Golden Latte

Golden Latte

Spirulina Macchiato
Spirulina Macchiato

Spirulina Macchiato

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